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Patient Stories

When you’re sick, you want someone on your side. You want solutions — and, ultimately, you want to feel better. Clinicians at Rush are driven to help you find those solutions.

And while we really like seeing our patients, we like it even more when they are 天地棋牌 getting back to their lives.

Jackie's Story

Jackie and her husband had three young children at 天地棋牌 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Rush’s team approach to treating her cancer made all the difference for Jackie, who is now able to focus on what matters most — her family.

Nancy's Story

Nancy was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 34 and spent much of her adult life in debilitating pain. Now Nancy feels “so much better, pain-free” thanks to orthopedic surgeons and rheumatologists at Rush.

Tyler's Story

Before his Crohn’s was under control, Tyler dropped 40 pounds, was on a feeding tube, and didn’t have the strength to participate in his usual activities. Now Tyler is in remission and back to playing the sports he loves.

Read more about it in Tylers and his mom’s blog post and his doctor’s post.


Eman's Story

Eman began losing her hearing at age 16. Over the years, Eman saw “tons of” doctors who couldn’t tell her what was happening — until she came to Rush. Learn what her doctor discovered in Eman’s blog post.


Margaret's Story

Margaret was told her cancer was a death sentence. She came to Rush for a second opinion. Through a clinical trial at Rush, she found a treatment option that keeps her cancer at bay — and her dancing.

Read her story.

天地棋牌Margaret Cooper

Matt's Story

When Matt injured his hip while training for the Boston Marathon, he turned to orthopedic specialists at Rush for help. After arthroscopic surgery, he’s back in action, running strong. Read more from Matt and his doctor.

天地棋牌Matt Aaronson

Marianne's Story

Marianne was competing with her horse when she fell off and heard two "snapping" sounds. Her leg bones had shattered and her body's natural reaction to the trauma was creating a swelling that, if left untreated, would cause her to lose her leg. Read about her .


Kody's Story

When Kody O'Connor's physician referred him to the Rush Multiple Sclerosis Center, he was nervous about the idea of handing his care over to a big academic center. Now he says, "It was the best decision of my life."

Read his story.

天地棋牌Rush MS specialist Fabian Sierra-Morales, MD, and patient Kody O'Connor at the Rush Multiple Sclerosis Center in Chicago

Jennifer's Story

After struggling with high blood pressure and obesity at just 35 years old, Jennifer Grenier decided to take control of her health and her weight with bariatric surgery. "Bariatric surgery has completely changed my life. This is the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been, and I finally feel good in my own skin."

Read her story.

天地棋牌Bariatric surgeon Jonathan Myers, MD, and patient Jennifer Grenier

Fallon's Story

Fallon Bell was diagnosed with kidney disease when she was 20 years old. After undergoing years of dialysis and two kidney transplants, Fallon is now helping patients just like her as a dialysis nurse.

Read her story.

天地棋牌Kidney transplant recipient Fallon Bell

Dylan's Story

A congenital heart defect could have ended Dylan Suca's baseball career and, possibly, his life. But thanks to the care he received from the pediatric cardiology team at Rush University Children's Hospital, Dylan is thriving as a college student-athlete.

Read his story.


Janet's Story

A patent foramen ovale (PFO) was responsible for Janet Cunning's stroke in 2018 and put her at risk for future strokes. Learn how a PFO closure dramatically reduced Cunning's stroke risk and how Rush is pioneering this life-saving treatment.

Read her story.


Anna's Story

When Anna Wassman was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 25, she focused on the something she could control: getting the best care possible to fight it.

Read her story.


John's Story

When a rare head and neck tumor brought 81-year-old John Scambler, DDS, to Rush, the head and neck cancer team used transoral robotic surgery (TORS) to both remove the cancer and preserve John's ability to lead a full, active life.

Read his story.


Jermaine's Story

Jermaine Brooks was deathly ill with legionella pneumonia when he was airlifted to Rush in summer 2018; it took a team — the multidisciplinary Rush ECMO team — to save him.

Read his story.

天地棋牌Rush patient Jermaine Brooks with the Rush ECMO team.

Sherry's Story

Sherry Shrallow never thought she'd have a heart attack — until she had one. Learn how that brush with death inspired her to adopt a plant-based diet, and how plaque regression therapy has dramatically improved her heart health.

Read her story.

天地棋牌Dr. Sherry Shrallow, plaque regression therapy patient, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago

George's Story

When George Kilburg developed aortic stenosis 20 years after undergoing bypass surgery, he knew he didn't want to endure a second open heart procedure. So he turned to Rush for another option: transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR).

Read his story.


Felita's Story

Felita Adams never imagined she would get lung cancer. Then she started getting headaches and having trouble breathing.

After she was diagnosed, "I searched for the 'best of the best,' and that's when I found Rush."

Read her story.


Evelyn's Story

Soon after Evelyn Connick learned she had a hole in her heart called PFO, she suffered her second inexplicable stroke. Not wanting to risk another stroke, she came to Rush for a novel PFO closure procedure called Noble Stitch.

Read her story.


Christine's Story

Unlike the majority of people with high cholesterol, the standard treatment — diet + exercise + statins — wasn’t working for Christine Morrisey. Fortunately, she found both the cause of the problem and a potential solution at Rush's Advanced Lipid Clinic.

Read her story.


Donald's Story

Two doctors at Rush worked together in an intense, day-long operation to remove a large, cancerous tumor from behind the face of Donald Billiet, giving the retired postal worker from Kewanee, Ill., a second chance at a normal life.

Read Donald's story.


Tina's Story

When Tina Chip was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 1994, she immediately came to Rush for a second opinion. Over the past 25 years, the two-time cancer survivor has worked with Rush to raise awareness about early diagnosis and support other patients facing breast cancer.

Read Tina's story.


Amy's Story

Amy Belluomini was living a healthy life until her world flipped upside down when she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Read Amy's story.


Angie's Story

Angie Rose Randall was fresh off her wedding in 2014 when she was diagnosed with MS. Now six years later, she's advocating for the MS community and bringing comfort to those newly diagnosed with the disease.

Read Angie's story.


Glen's Story

When Glen injured his knee while competing in a triathlon, three surgeons told him he would never run again. But after a minimally invasive knee replacement surgery at Rush with Richard A. Berger, MD, Glen is back at the gym training for his next endurance competition and keeping up with his grandchildren.

Read Glen's story.


Robert's Story

Robert Craig was worried about having surgery to repair a herniated disc despite being in near-constant pain. Rush spine surgeon Kern Singh, MD (right), eased Robert's fears with a patient-focused approach that quickly got the 54-year-old back on his feet and back to enjoying a pain-free life.

Read Robert's story.


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